A film about Sako, an eccentric Indonesian man with Chinese roots. Sako is struggling with his past. He is traumatized because of the murder of his innocent father, who was one of the approximately half to a million alleged communists that were killed in the transition period to the Suharto regime in Indonesia in 1965. Besides communists, a number of farmers, unionists and Chinese were also among the victims. Sadly, this brutal period is still taboo in Indonesia and what makes it more painful for Sako is that during this time, he supported the responsible regime. To break the taboo and process his trauma, Sako ventured out with his camcorder and filmed people close to him and talked with them about their experiences related to this past.


Director's Bio

Machiel van den Heuvel started his film career at the University of Amsterdam where he followed a documentary course called POLDOX. This course had a huge impact on Machiel and made him realize that his destiny is filmmaking. Because of this, he continued his film education and studied ‘Film Directing’ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. At this Film Academy, Machiel was seen as a filmmaker with authorship. In his films, he is looking for content in stories and personalities that somehow reflect his inner life and also have a universal appeal.

This content has a few recurring themes which involves in particular: the search for meaning in life; issues of injustice; the strife for an ideal self or world and a feeling that can be described as a mood of weariness or sadness about the existence of evil and suffering in the world.




Nominee Best Feature Documentary (Calcutta International Cult Film Festival)

Nominee Best Feature Film (Asian Cinematography AWARDS)

Nominee Best Director (Asian Cinematography AWARDS)

Nominee Best Feature Documentary (New York Cinematography Awards)

Nominee Best First Time Director (New York Cinematography Awards)

Nominee Best Feature Documentary (Alternative Film Festival)


Nominee SUN OF THE EAST AWARD (upcoming)

Nominee GOLDEN GALAXY AWARDS (upcoming)

Nominee GOLDEN DRAGON AWARDS (upcoming)


Winner Platinum Award (European Screen Awards)

Winner Award of Excellence (Cinema World Fest Awards)

Winner Best Feature Documentary & Editing (Top Indie Awards)

Winner Best Feature Documentary (Virgin Spring Cinefest) 

Winner Best Feature Documentary (PickurFlick Indie Film Festival)

Winner Best Feature Documentary (DRUK International Film Festival)

Winner Best Feature Documentary (Tagore International Film Festival) 

Winner Best Feature Documentary (Santiago Independent Film Awards)

Winner Best Feature Documentary (Rome Independent Prisma Awards)

Winner Best Feature Documentary (Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival)

Winner Best First Time Director & Editing Award (Asian Cinematography AWARDS) 

Winner Silver Award (International Independent Film Awards)

Winner Exceptional Merit Award (Docs Without Borders)

Winner Best Debuts Award (Close:Up Edinburgh Docufest)

Winner Debut Filmmaker Award (L'Age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival)

Winner Special Jury Award on Documentary Film (Tripvill International Film Festival)

Winner Outstanding Achievement & Best Director Award (Pattaya International Film Festival)

Winner Outstanding Achievement Award (Cult Critic Movie Awards)

Winner Outstanding Achievement Award (WFC Singapore)

Winner Best Dutch Film (European Cinematography AWARDS)

Winner Bronze Award (Spotlight Documentary Film Awards)

Winner Bronze Award (Latitude Film Awards)

Winner Best Editing In A Feature Film (South Film and Arts Academy Festival)

Winner Honorable Mention (Hollywood New Directors)

Winner Honorable Mention (Košice International Monthly Film Festival)

Winner Honorable Mention (Experimental Forum)


Magilla Productions 



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